Holiday Home Selling

 Let's try and do all we can do to prepare for the holidays and have your house looking sellable and Show worthy!  The holiday season may not seem like the best time to sell your home there are some things you can do to encourage a fantastic sale during the holiday season ?.

 In order to have a SOLD sign (red &white),  and feel festive for buyers I've put together a guide to some of my favorite products and ideas to showcase your home during the season


#1: A place to refresh

A good bathroom is crucial. We always create a space that will feel like a getaway and spa-like experience for potential buyers. Have them leaving the space feeling as relaxed and refreshed as they would at home.  Becca Tip: add some fresh greenery for cheer!

#2: Pretty Decor

Something about beauty is soothing and comforting, so a beautiful space works magic on your mood. (I guess this is why my listings sell with less days on the market & for asking price or over).  Having decor that brightens up the space, while giving buyers the WELCOME HOME FEELING!

#3: Fill the home with winter scents

The scents of winter make the snow almost bearable. Fresh pine, cinnamon, clove are my go-to scents. They set the mood for the rest of the home with a festive warm “natural” smelling sent . Commit to a wonderful smelling home with great organic hand soaps. 

#4: Winter-Friendly Fabrics and Textures

In the colder months, we like to keep a throw blanket ready to grab at any time. We might say that we add them for texture and flair, but really we just live in Syracuse. If you have the budget switch out all of our rugs for high-pile, plush rugs that are soft and warming at the touch and make the space feel cozy. Yes upstate we got this !!