Sharing my THOUGHTS a little more on what helps a home sell for more or sell quicker.

  • Updating kitchen and bathrooms are definitely going to give you the most bang for your buck.
  • Lots of people have multiple rooms if not whole basements that are unfinished, finishing those will add serious value. PLEASE NOTE TO ADD SAFTY WINDOW
  • Staging a home won’t necessarily help your home value but it will make your home sell for top market value and a lot quicker. This is very important to me personally.
  • Home buyers like an updated master and master bathroom because that’s where the buyer will spend their time so if you have to pick and chose rooms due to budget update the master suite when selling !!
  • Paint and lighting are two inexpensive, easy ways to update and add value.
  • Landscaping adds to the overall appearance of your home, but overdone landscaping can diminish the value. Front doors & siding on a home adds to the property’s worth, so consider this improvement if your house is currently painted. If your house is already sided, make sure the siding is clean and in excellent condition.